Is Love At First Sight Real?

Monday, September 24, 20120 comments

The question of love at first sight has been one of the ageless riddles, ever being the subject of many debates over the centuries. Many believe in it unconditionally. Others believe just as unequivocally that it’s all a lot of nonsense. There are certainly reasons that can be presented by either side to show proof of what they believe. Truthfully, it does seem a bit hard to believe that people can fall in love with someone without even knowing them. Two people’s eyes meet across a crowded room and, suddenly, they’re in love. Seriously? According to many, many happy couples worldwide, it’s exactly the case.
For the group of people that wholeheartedly believe in love at first sight, there are plenty of arguments in favor of soul mates and reincarnation, as well. After all, how would you be able to fall in love with someone you’ve never even spoken to unless there was some past connection there? People that hold with the soul mate and reincarnation theory will HAVE to believe in love at first sight. That holds all the answers as to why this happens. These two people must have known each other in a past life and been in love then. Soul mates tend to find each other in every lifetime.

It’s little wonder that two souls that have spent, possibly, centuries together would not somehow recognize each other even though they probably look totally different. On the other hand, the naysayers of love at first sight tend to believe that it’s more of a physical attraction than anything else that draws two strangers together that first time. Thus the phrase “lust at first sight” was coined. It’s easier to understand an immediate and intense physical attraction to someone easier than it is to grasp the concept of instant love. For most people, love requires some time spent together talking and getting to know each other. You can certainly like someone instantly, but most feel that it’s necessary to know much more about a person before they can make legitimate proclamations of love.
It’s easy to see that both groups have something to base their beliefs upon. In addition, it all depends on whether or not you’re a romantic and just how much of one you are. A true romantic will definitely want to believe that you can simply look into the eyes of a stranger and fall in love. Realistically, is something like that even possible? According to many, it actually is. The reason for it is another thing entirely. If there is such a thing as soul mates and reincarnation, then two souls can definitely recognize each other no matter what “body” they’re wearing. When you consider it from that angle, it may also explain the pairing of decidedly odd couples.
It doesn’t really matter which side of the fence you come down on regarding this issue, there will always be a division as to who is right and who is wrong. You can only decide for yourself if love at first sight exists.
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