What To Do With A Man Who Is Obsessive With Visiting Dating Site

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A relationship is going to change when a person, man or woman is spending time in a dating site online. The man who is visiting a dating site online is searching for someone, or something, even if it is not consciously.

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You need to be able to trust your man, and with him being on a dating site to start with you have no idea what he is telling women, what he wants from those women, and who he is going to hook up with.

A man in a relationship should not be on the online dating sites. If he is telling you, he is only messing around and that he is not going to make a date, he is lying.

There are plenty of things to do online without going to a site where dates are made and started. A man who is happy with where he is in life, and with what he has in life is not going to seek problems and relationships online in a dating site.

First, you need to face the facts. He is leaning towards cheating on you. Words and relationships, even if it is only taking place online is cheating. He is cheating you out of time with him, he is cheating on you by not sharing his life and needs with you, and these steps are going to lead a man to cheating on a woman by making a date and visiting with the woman.

Now that you realize what is happening, and what is most likely going to happen if your man continues with the obsessive behavior you can do something about it right now.

Can I Get Him To Stop?

The only way you are going to get him to stop is by unplugging the computer and demanding that he stop. Even if you are married and he is getting online, you don’t know he is not going to do any thing more. Why is he online at a dating site? No one is going to be able to answer that but him, but you know you are going to have to speak up, and put it all out on the table for him.

Tell him you are leaving if you find he is on there again. If he has the opportunity to do it when he is at work, you will have to trust him. If you find him on the online dating site, again you are going to have to leave until he comes to his senses. If you leave, you can’t go back thinking he is going to change his ways until you know for sure.

A man that is searching for more in life, such as sex talk, or a new fling, or a woman who is going to be dependent on him for nothing more than an exciting page of filth doesn’t belong in your marriage or in your relationship. What would happen if your husband walked in and found you online in a dating site?

Ask him that question so he feels just what you do. If he doesn’t care, then get online, and get on the dating site and learn to talk to someone else just as he does. Your relationship is not going anywhere anyway so you might want to find a new man now.

Will He Ever Change?

Do you think he is ever going to change? If you are reading this article, you most likely already are realizing he is not gong to change. There is something lacking in his ability to commit to you or to himself as he continues to seek the company of others who are online and in a dating room.

The online dating sites are for people who are seeking something, and that something is what is wants even if he is not able to tell you exactly what it is. Every relationship is built upon trust. If he is online in a dating site, or online in a dating chatroom you know things in the relationship are just wrong.

If he is not willing to turn it off, and come talk with you, you need to put that relationship behind you and move on in life searching for someone who is going to appreciate who you are and what you have to give in life.

How Do I Get Him To Change?

The only real way to get him to change is to tell him you are leaving, and do it – if he continues to get online on the dating sites.

There is no reason why a married man, or any man in a committed relationship should have to be on a site, where singles are. Think about it this way, if your man where in a singles bar, wouldn’t you question him? Wouldn’t you think he is going to be susceptible to doing something wrong, something that is really wrong for your relationship?

If he doesn’t change, and if he doesn’t prevent you from leaving there is more going on than you already know. Stick to your guns, no matter how much it hurts and how much pain, because in the long run you are better off without him.

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