How to Find Out If Someone Is Married

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Are you starting a new relationship? If that relationship involves a stranger you just met, you may be curious about their previous relationships. In fact, you may be wondering if your new lover is married. With the popularity of online dating, double lives are very easy for many to lead.

So, how do you find out if someone is married?

Ask the person.

The best way to get an answer to this ever popular question is to straight up ask. In most cases, it is easy to tell if a person is lying. Look for telltale signs, such as nervousness or delayed responses. If your partner is married, he or she may be developing an excuse or response in their head. Of course, just because someone is married, it doesn’t mean they will admit it. After all, that is how many are able to successfully lead double lives; they lie.

Ask around.

Even if your lover is using you to cheat on their spouse, you may still be introduced to friends. In that case, ask. You may not necessarily want to ask if you are being cheating on, but inquire about previous relationships. State you are doing so simply out of curiosity. Ask a friend if your lover has been married before. In all honesty, it is best to do this after a night of drinking. You may be surprised how much “true,” information is divulged.

Ask to meet family.

By asking to meet your lover’s family, you may get an easy answer to the question of marriage. If your lover will not let you meet with his or her family, under any circumstances, they may have something to hide. For example, does your new girlfriend not want you to meet her mom? It may be because mom knows she has a separate family at home.

Ask family.

If you are able to meet with family, fish for details. Of course, don’t go on a wild goose chase for nothing. If you are surrounded by parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, and so forth, chances are, you are the only special one. This is because those who lead double lives try to keep their lives separate. If you only meet a brother or distant cousin, suspicion is in your best interest. Use this meeting as a time to fish for details on other relationships and their status.

Perform a standard internet search online.

If you suspect your lover is married, head to Yahoo or Google. Perform an internet search with their name. You may find a profile for a social networking website. If so, look for information on marriages. Also, look for newspapers. If a marriage was recent, it may have been featured on an online newspaper website. This should appear in your standard internet search.

Search online records.

In keeping with the internet, there is a lot you can do with it. Marriage records are public; therefore, you can find them online. In most cases, you will be directed to a website where payment is required. Although small in size, determine if this fee is really worth it first.

Sift through local records.

As previously stated, marriage licenses are public record. This means they are stored in government office buildings. Of course, you don’t want to go in saying you are researching a lover. If asked, claim you want to research your family’s history. To do this, have an idea of the city, town, or county in which marriage may have occurred.

Perform a background check.

In some cases, you need a social security number. In other instances, a name and birth date is required. With that said, always make sure you have the right person. Background checks are ideal, as you not only get information on marriage status. Does your new lover have a criminal history? If so, your background check will divulge it.

Spy on them. ;-)

Spying for many is considered an adventure, but it also very truth telling. Does your partner only visit you a few days a week or on weekends? If so, they may have a spouse at home. The best way to determine if your lover is married is to spy. Of course, use your best judgment and never endanger your safety.

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